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Explore the Latest Trends in Lifestyle - Dating Apps, Lotteries, Connections, and More

Welcome to MTN Play's Lifestyle category, the ultimate source of fun and entertainment in Nigeria. From dating apps to exciting lotteries, social connections, movie schedules, celebrity gossip, general knowledge quizzes, SMS lottery service and trending news, our handpicked selection offers something for everyone. Browse our selection today and start living your best life.

Latest Lifestyle Trends in Nigeria

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Find Love with the Newest and Best Dating Apps in Nigeria

Looking to meet new people and explore the dating scene? Our Lifestyle category features the latest and most popular dating apps so that you can connect with like-minded individuals in your area. 

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Win Big with the Most Trending and Potentially Rewarding Lottery Options

If you're feeling lucky, check out our exciting lottery options. We offer the latest and most popular lotteries in Nigeria, so you can try your luck and potentially win big. 

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Stay tuned for updates on the latest scandals, hottest couples, viral social media posts, and memes. 

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