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BDM is a mobile USSD & SMS subscription-based service where subscribers get content related to business/finance. This service also enables MTN subscribers to receive updates on the economy, market, and business analysis via SMS, rich media and USSD channels. Choose a subscription to activate from N20/day or N100/week.

Empower Yourself Financially with BusinessDay Money 

Gain insights and financial advice on how the global economy is evolving and its potential impact on businesses and markets worldwide. 

Our in-depth business analysis will empower you with the knowledge you need to meet your personal financial goals. 

From stock market updates to investment tips and financial strategies, we have got you covered.

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Stay Informed with BusinessDay Money 

Stay informed about the latest market trends, stock movements, and investment opportunities. 

Whether you are an experienced investor or just getting started, our platform provides valuable information for all levels of expertise.

Subscribe here and get a daily dose of economic news, market analysis, and business trends delivered. 

Stay ahead of the curve and seize opportunities as they arise!

Get Daily Economy, Market, and Business Analysis Updates

Are you looking for a reliable and comprehensive source of information to keep you up-to-date with the ever-changing world of economics, market trends, and business analysis? 

Look no further! Subscribe to our MTN Play platform today and gain access to valuable insights and critical updates that can help you make informed decisions.

Unlock Your Financial Empowerment with Business Day Money!

BusinessDay Money (BDM) is your ultimate resource for gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to seize the financial opportunities that come your way. 

Our platform equips you with the insights and expertise required to make informed decisions and take charge of your financial future.

With just 100 naira, you can embark on a transformative journey toward financial empowerment. 

Subscribe here and take control of your financial destiny.


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