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DocuBay is a global video-on-demand platform designed for streaming documentaries. Choose a subscription to activate from N100/day, N200/week or N500/month.

Explore the World of Documentaries with DocuBay - Your Global Video-On-Demand Platform

Welcome to DocuBay, the premier global video-on-demand platform exclusively designed for documentary enthusiasts. 

Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of thought-provoking documentaries that span many subjects and genres. 

From riveting real-life stories to breathtaking wildlife encounters, DocuBay brings you a diverse collection of documentaries worldwide. 

Choose your MTN Play DocuBay subscription plan starting from N100/day, N200/week, or N500/month, and embark on a documentary streaming journey like no other.

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VOD - Empowering Your Viewing Experience

As a leading VOD (Video on Demand) platform, DocuBay puts you in the director's seat. 

Watch documentaries at your convenience, without the limitations of traditional television schedules.

Explore a vast library of informative and inspiring content, available anytime, anywhere.

Unraveling DocuBay's Diverse Documentaries

As a Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) service, DocuBay caters to the curiosity of inquisitive minds. 

Engage in documentaries that inspire, educate, and spark curiosity. Delve into untold stories, groundbreaking discoveries, and remarkable human achievements, all at your fingertips.

DocuBay Nigeria - Empowering Your Documentary Journey

DocuBay extends its reach to Nigeria, offering a gateway to the world of compelling documentaries. 

As a documentary enthusiast in Nigeria, you can now access a vast collection of thought-provoking content that fuels your passion for knowledge.

Free Your Mind with DocuBay - Engaging and Insightful Streaming

Delve into free VOD streaming services on DocuBay, where you can explore a curated selection of documentaries at no cost under the MTN Play Videos category.

Free your mind with informative and captivating documentaries that offer fresh perspectives and meaningful stories.

DocuBay Price Plans - Choose Your Subscription

Select from a range of subscription options tailored to suit your preferences. With plans starting from N100/day, N200/week, or N500/month, you have the flexibility to access your favorite documentaries at your convenience.



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